Christy (christywild) wrote in in_vino_veritas,

Saying Hi

Found this group while looking for wine fans on LJ...have had a love affair with wine for about two and a half years now...would not say I'm a connissieur by any means, but I enjoy good quality reds that don't stretch my wallet TOO out of shape. And, living in Tampa, I have access to Total Wine and More, which kicks ass on wine prices. (For those who may not live near one, there's a online store too- Anyhoo, love Merlot, Shiraz, and sometimes a Cabernet/Merlot blend. However, I recently had a 2001 Veramonte Cabernet (a Chilean winery) that has made me rethink my views on Cabernets, since the few I'd tried up to this point were shall we say QUITE dry for me. So, hope to find some more of that, because it was quite good.
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