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teba13 and I had a party to celebrate my new job with friends. I did a blind wine tasting. Seven different wines from seven different countries. Six different grapes. The most popular seemed to be the Pichon Lalande, a French Bourdeaux. Which makes sense because it was a mature wine from my collection. A 1985. All the others were young.

Judy liked the South African Shiraz even though it was a bit young. She doesn't like wine however, so I don't know if she tasted them all. It doesn't matter, because she was so beautiful last night and charming as always.

I also finally got my Kistler Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from my friend Dave, as well as my Pahlmeyers Merlots and my Arroyos Cabs. He was holding them for me for almost two years because I was living overseas and just got back. I'm really looking forward to tasting them all.

Judy just stared at all the boxes of the wine sitting in our living room. I think boxes sitting in the house that don't come from zappos.com and contain shoes might confuse her.
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